Maths With Confidence

AI Teachers helping students get feedback

Blutick is a next-generation digital maths teaching system that uses AI to help students learn with line-by-line intelligent feedback.

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How does Blutick work?

Blutick’s teaching system combines four key elements:

1. Video Content

Blutick provides detailed, highly focused and relevant content developed by some of the country’s leading mathematics teachers in easily digestible 2-3 minute chunks.

2. AI Teaching

Blutick uses artificial intelligence to create a learning tool that gives intelligent, line-by-line feedback, identifies mistakes as they happen and guides students towards solving problems.

3. Simple & Friendly

A friendly, interactive interface that engages with students and simplifies learning. Students grow in confidence and feel supported and challenged.

4. Useful Reporting

Blutick provides detailed reporting to give students, parents and teachers information on progress and areas on which to focus.

What does all this add up to?

Maths. With Confidence.

Blutick gives teachers the content and confidence to create targeted learning for their students.

Blutick gives students the support and confidence to practice and solve maths problems on their own and to learn at their own pace.

Blutick gives parents feedback and confidence in the development of their children’s mathematical skills.

At its heart is a simple but powerful word. Confidence.

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Checking work in real time

Students work though each problem line by line and Blutick checks their working as they go. If they make a mistake, Blutick spots it and makes a comment or gives a hint. It means that students can see where they are going wrong and better understand how the process works.

Detailed, individual feedback

Blutick tracks the progress of students, giving parents and teachers high-level and detailed scores and giving students reports of their progress. Uniquely, because Blutick follows a students’ workings, it not only identifies topics individuals find difficult, but also the type of mistakes they are making. This gives teachers detailed information on where individual students need to focus.

In the classroom, on the move

Blutick is designed to fit with the way that people work and learn - on laptops and desktops, on tablets and phones. There’s an on-screen keyboard to make it simple to add numbers and mathematical symbols on smaller devices. It’s web-based but also works offline, so students can learn in the classroom, at home or on the move.

Need more reasons to try Blutick? Here's three:

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By teachers, for teachers

All Blutick content is developed by experienced maths teachers from one of the leading co-educational schools in the UK - The Perse School, Cambridge. They know the subject and curriculum inside out. They understand how students learn and how best to support them. They understand what support teachers need and how they can add to their lessons.

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Choose your style

Students can pick their preferred teacher from a selection of characters. Some are formal, some informal. Some are old, some are young. Some are bubbly, others a little sarcastic. They add an element of fun to the Blutick experience, and a more personal experience for learners. They also give clear guidance - through feedback designed to help individuals to do their very best.

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All about mathematics

Blutick is fully focussed on mathematics. This ensures that it is designed entirely for the teaching of maths and avoids making compromises for the teaching of other subjects. Content is populated by experts in the field, and kept current and relevant, so that it always supports the GCSE curriculum, incorporates recent changes and reflects current best practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try Blutick?

Blutick is currently in a closed beta, which we hope to open up to schools early 2019. We currently cover around 30% of the UK secondary (11-18) curriculum, and we are planning to launch with full coverage in September 2019. We will be adding coverage for other countries (including USA, Canada and Singapore) by the end of 2019.

What does Blutick cost?

Blutick will be available in a range of packages, from individual to classroom to whole school. Access to the beta will be free, and full pricing will be announced on launch in September 2019.

Who is behind Blutick?

rob percival

Rob Percival

Founder, Blutick

Blutick was devised by Rob Percival – a maths teacher of ten years and now a highly successful entrepreneur. He’s become one of the most popular online instructors through his web development and coding for kids courses which have been used by over one million people.

Rob became frustrated with the limited intelligence of existing online systems. Their lack of line-by-line entry or intelligent feedback meant that students could miss a simple arithmetic mistake and not understand where they’d gone wrong – undermining their confidence and learning. Rob wanted to create software that supported students in the same way a great teacher would, giving feedback and motivation as they worked.

He has worked closely with The Perse School Cambridge to ensure that the platform and content helps build students' understanding and confidence in Mathematics.

The result is Blutick - a product carefully designed around the real needs of students, teachers and today’s teaching environment.

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