2 Weeks’ Free Tuition With Blutick: Full Details

Free GCSE Maths Tuition Offer - Blutick Maths Online

From 24th October to 6 November, Blutick is offering free tuition for up to 25 GCSE students to support learners preparing for mock examinations.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Please complete this Registration Form by 5pm on Wednesday 21st October

2. We will email you on Thursday 22nd October to let you know whether you qualified for the trial

3. If you qualify, your Blutick tutor will email you suggested coursework based on your responses inside the form, which you will agree before the trial starts on Saturday 24th October

4. We will also email you your parent log-in details and your child’s log in details

5. You will need to attend an introductory demo session on or before Saturday 24th Oct, when the two week trial begins

6. When your child first logs into Blutick, he/she will be required to sit a quick test on the topics to be covered during the trial

7. Once the test has been completed, your child will have full access to the Blutick platform and can begin the chosen tutorials and quizzes for their topics. It is their choice how many topics they cover and how many questions they answer and they will not be restricted to the topics set for their coursework if they wish to do more. One hour a day or one hour a week, we don’t care, but the more they put in, the more they will get out!

8. For the trial, please be aware that our tutors will be online at set times so make sure your child works only during these times:

     Saturdays and Mon 26th Oct – Fri 30 Oct: 11am – 6pm

     Mon 2nd Nov – Fri 6th Nov: 5pm-8pm

9. If your child gets stuck at any point, they can contact their tutor via the live chat function on the platform

10. Additionally, the tutors will proactively be monitoring your child’s work in real time and will step in to help where necessary, again via live chat

11. Before the end of the trial, your tutor will set a second test on the same topics as the first test, which must be completed by 5pm on Sunday 8th November

12. Your tutor will send you and your child a performance report, including your test results, by 5pm on Wednesday 11th November

13. In return for all these freebies we will simply ask you to complete a short survey to let us know how we did and how we can improve!


  • We are limiting the trial to 25 students on a first come basis and the deadline for registration is 5pm on Wednesday 21st October, so please complete the Registration Form today!