Hi, we’re Blutick. We’re on a mission to help young people learn maths with confidence.

We believe that every student deserves to feel confident using mathematics, both at school and in the wider world. So we’ve developed a new kind of learning platform – one that puts confidence at the heart of its approach to learning.

About Blutick

Created by Rob Percival, a former mathematics teacher turned entrepreneur, Blutick combines responsive AI with real teacher videos to build understanding and improve skills. Its unique pedagogy is designed to help students feel comfortable making mistakes, learning from them, and having another go.

Blutick engages with students at every line of working, offering personalised feedback and encouragement. It shows teachers how their class is performing in real time, giving them the insights they need to focus their time where it’s most needed and maximise their impact on learning outcomes. It helps parents refresh their mathematics skills and support their child’s learning with confidence.

Blutick is now transforming mathematics learning for 11-16 year olds all over the world. We’re always adding fresh content and new features, and we’d love to welcome you to our growing community.

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“As a teacher, it was always a challenge to give pupils enough individual attention in class — there were never enough hours in the day. I designed Blutick to take the pressure off by distilling the techniques of the best teachers into an AI system that can help share the load in the classroom.

Rob Percival, CEO

Developed in partnership with The Perse School Cambridge

“At the moment, the national levels of achievement are very variable and the number of maths teachers simply doesn’t meet the demand. We think Blutick will help children who find maths particularly challenging, as well as those who wish to explore more advanced areas of maths. The Perse is fortunate to have excellent maths staff and is perhaps in a unique position of being able to connect with Cambridge hi-tech entrepreneurs so readily. Blutick is a very efficient and effective learning tool which supplements good classroom teaching to maximise pupils' mathematical confidence, progress and attainment."

Ed Elliott, Headmaster at The Perse School Cambridge

We have designed Blutick in collaboration with experts at The Perse School, a world-leading co-educational school in Cambridge, UK that has been helping students achieve their full academic potential for over 400 years.

The excellent mathematics teachers (past and present) at The Perse School have already recorded over 600 short and easy-to-follow videos to help explain mathematical concepts to students of all abilities. They have also provided worked examples, shaped our practice questions and helped form our AI teacher feedback.

We continue to work together with The Perse School to add more video content and new topics to Blutick, so that students all over the world can learn mathematics with confidence.

Meet the team

Rob Percival Blutick Online Maths Founder and CEO

Rob Percival, CEO

Rob is Blutick’s CEO and founder. He was a Maths teacher for 10 years and has founded two businesses — Eco Web Hosting and Codestars, which has taught over a million people how to code. He lives in Cambridge with his wife Kirsten and two young sons.

When not adding new features to Blutick, Rob enjoys football, tennis, good coffee, and a satisfying algebraic proof.

Dan Whelan

Content Creator

I love solving puzzles and having that ‘aha moment’ so maths was always going to be the subject for me! I ended up studying maths at Cambridge and soon realised that the deeper you explore, the more surprises and mysteries await you. My favourite topic is probability, since getting an understanding of the odds allows you to make the right decisions and end up a winner in life! I love teaching maths and enjoy exploring the maths of gambling and strategy games with my classes. Moral: never take a bet with a maths teacher!

Alex James

Content Creator

What I love about being a Maths teacher is the challenge that I face every day, trying to explain a difficult mathematical concept to a class that have never seen or heard of anything like it before. I particularly like the pure area of Maths, including: algebra, geometry and number. I have always been a teacher; first in the state sector in the UK, then in the independent sector in the UK, and now I am off to experience the overseas sector in Dubai. I completed my Mathematics degree in Loughborough.

Vesna Kadelburg

Content Creator

I studied Maths at Cambridge and first began teaching during my post-graduate studies. When you teach, you not only need to understand the material, but also see it from other people’s point of view and adapt your methodology to suit. This is what makes maths teaching so exciting: every student and every class is unique. After fifteen years, I am still learning and adapting. I have particularly enjoyed learning about real-life applications of statistics. I also enjoy maths competitions, which take me all over the world.

James Rhatigan

Content Creator

I love being a teacher for those “penny in the air” moments — working with students, and fuelling a love for learning is what it’s all about. I particularly enjoy an area of maths called Game Theory, which is all about negotiation and strategy, but can be applied to all sorts of different problems. I first encountered Game Theory while doing my undergraduate degree at Durham University where I studied Mathematics and Philosophy, and then again while doing a Masters in Philosophy at Birkbeck College London.

Kathryn Bigg

Content Creator

The thrill of solving a problem has always attracted me to Maths. In teaching, I love facilitating the same experience for students and helping them to discover the wonder of the subject. In particular I enjoy calculus and mechanics, applying Maths to real life situations. After studying Maths at Cambridge I went straight into teaching, working in comprehensive state schools. In my spare time I enjoy putting my maths skills to use, calculating split times whilst running and deciphering knitting and sewing patterns.

Paul Brown

Content Creator

The best thing about teaching Maths is the moments when students suddenly start to understand how things work. I love the subject because there is always something more to discover and because of the way all the different branches of Maths fit together. I especially like Geometry and A level Mechanics. Before teaching, I worked in software development and as a church pastor. I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Will Taylor

Content Creator

I studied maths at the University of York and then trained to teach at Homerton College. Since then I have taught in a large comprehensive school and more recently in the private sector. My favourite aspect of being a teacher is the challenge of selecting problems so that students can experience success whilst still feeling stretched. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports, performing in musical theatre and posting mathematical problems on twitter.

Laura Bucklow

Customer Success

After studying Genetics at Swansea I trained in science teaching at Cambridge before settling into laboratory work as a research scientist. Life as a scientist gives you an appreciation for maths in a real-life context, from working out dilution factors at the lab bench to using statistics to analyse results. I love reading and the craft of writing, and also find solving problems very rewarding, which drew me to focus on the sciences rather than the arts.

Grahame Smart

Strategic Development

After graduating with a BSc in Mathematics from the University of London, Grahame has spent the last 20 years in the Maths arena. He has worked as a teacher in some of the toughest and most deprived areas and has also worked as a consultant with many key stakeholders, including many leading Exam boards and publishers.

Tom Swift

Lead Developer

I've been in the web development sector for over 13 years and in that time I have developed small projects up to large scale enterprise systems, Before joining the blutick team I was Head of web development for a large hosting company managing up to 7 other developers. My main coding skills include: PHP, JavaScript, JQuery and SQL I am also experienced in Python, Linux based bash scripting and windows power-shell scripting - In my spare time I enjoy pushing my coding boundaries with trying a new coding language.

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