Blutick exams mark automatically: including follow-through marks

Blutick exams mark automatically: including follow-through marks

A new great feature for online exams on Blutick! Not only are our exams already automatically marked, with full line-by-line working for every student, but now Blutick exams also have the capability to manage follow-through (FT) marking.

Also known as “mistake carried forward”, FT marking is a common feature in formal examinations. FT marks are usually used in multi-part questions, meaning that:

  • if a value calculated incorrectly in part (a) is later used in part (b),
  • marks may still be awarded for correct methodology.



Here we see a student make a mistake in part (a). The student has given an answer of “15” rather than the correct “12”, and is marked incorrect.

In part (b) the student goes on to use their incorrect value of “15” in a correct method, and is therefore awarded the FT marks.

Teacher view of auto-marked exam question, showing follow-through marking applied to the question


Recognising when a student is using correct methodology even with an incorrect value is a useful new feature to allow Blutick exams to automatically mark with even greater accuracy.

Incorporating follow-through marks into our auto-marking:

  • reduces teacher workload,
  • means students are not penalised more than once for a mistake, and
  • is in line with standard maths exam marking practice.


To see FT marking in action, watch the walkthrough video below: