Blutick Has Building Blocks!

Blutick Has Building Blocks!

You may have noticed recently on the site that ‘Building Blocks’ have appeared at the bottom of question pages.

This is a new feature designed to help you navigate through the topics in a sensible way. There are two main ways we think it could help you and your students (but we’re sure you’ll find even more!).

Firstly, when you’re looking for which topics to study next, you can use the ‘Building Blocks’ to see what prerequisite knowledge is expected.

For example, let’s say you are considering studying Parallel Lines. At the bottom of the Parallel Lines page, there are two Building Blocks suggested. This means that students need to be confident with Linear Equations and Straight Line Graphs before moving on to studying Parallel Lines.

Maths Teacher Building Blocks for Lesson Planning - Blutick Online Maths

Secondly, if a student is struggling with questions on a certain topic, they can use the Building Blocks to revise the topics which are essential prior knowledge. Clicking on a Building Block will take you to that topic.

Each Building Block also shows how many questions have been completed on the topic, and the student’s Smartscore. This gives students a handy pointer as to whether it would be sensible to revise the topics before completing the set task!

Let’s say you have set your students the task “Linear Inequalities”. If a student struggles to answer the questions, they can proactively choose to revise Positive Integer Powers and Roots. They can then return to answering the questions on Linear Inequalities when they feel more confident on these topics. 

Building Blocks for Maths Lesson Planning - Blutick Online Maths

Alternatively, if a student has completed a task with a low score, this may have been due to misconceptions on earlier concepts. Using the Building Blocks, you can direct them to the appropriate topics to support their learning.