Blutick Improves Test Results by 91% in Independent Study

Blutick Improves Test Results by 91% in Independent Study

As a new online learning platform for the secondary UK maths curriculum, we wanted to see what impact Blutick could have on teaching and learning. Rob Percival, CEO of Blutick, commissioned Oriel Square to conduct two-week case studies at different UK schools. In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the pertinent findings from the research.

Each case study involved a pre- and post-trial test on the same topic, taken by two comparable groups of students studying that topic for two weeks. One group used Blutick during the topic teaching and the other did not.

The study found that

The scores of the Blutick groups increased by 91%, while the control groups increased by 33%

The case studies further indicated that:

  • The post-trial test scores of two test groups increased more than the post-trial test scores of their respective control groups.
  • The test group teachers perceived Blutick to be beneficial because it enabled greater differentiation in the classroom, particularly at the higher-ability end.
  • Overall, more than 75% of students reported that using Blutick in class was as fun or more fun than a regular maths lesson. Aspects of Blutick that received the most positive reactions were the videos, practice questions and worked examples, with students valuing the opportunities to understand, practice, master and progress at their own pace.

Benefits of Blutick

Teacher and student surveys were also completed for each case study. Combined with the test data, and data from our site itself, the case studies indicated that Blutick offers the strongest benefits in the following areas:

  • Differentiation, particularly at the higher-ability end, through a) the organisation of material into levels and b) the interactive, online format that allows students to work independently and progress at their own pace.
  • Delivery of good-quality teaching and learning through well-produced videos, worked examples, practice questions and quizzes.
  • Saving teacher time in terms of lesson/homework preparation.
  • Teacher-facing data tracking tools that save teacher time and aid formative assessment.

If you haven’t yet tried it, sign up now and see how Blutick can help you and your students develop maths with confidence. You can read the edited report here.