Do Tutors Really Help with GCSE Maths?

Do Tutors Really Help with GCSE Maths?

Private tuition is often seen as the solution to support a struggling student or to help a talented student reach their full potential, but do tutors really help? This depends on the tutor, and the reasons for employing them.

With maths, you may occasionally feel unable to help your child with homework, revision, or mastering the tools and techniques needed to excel in the subject.

Large class sizes make it difficult for teachers to give each child the individual attention they need to succeed, achieve and be all they are capable of. Tutoring can provide the extra support required in these situations.

How maths tutors can help

Tutors are knowledgeable and focused on their specific subject, so can assist when a student is struggling to keep up or grasp certain concepts. Sometimes experiencing a different teaching style can make a difference to a pupil, it helps them see something from another perspective to give them that ‘Aha!’ moment.

It may also be a matter of rapport. If pupils don’t feel comfortable with their teacher or find the classroom environment intimidating, they’re unlikely to ask questions or get the support they need.

With a tutor, the pupil gets individual attention, customised to their needs and at a pace that suits them. They’re less likely to feel embarrassed about asking questions, or admitting they don’t understand a concept.

When pupils get the support they need, they realise they are capable, this gives them the confidence to tackle future subjects.

This is the biggest benefit of tutoring; a good tutor will not only help with subject comprehension, but will boost confidence and increase enjoyment of the subject, this is invaluable if pupils are to succeed in the long term.

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What makes a good tutor?

Not every tutor is a good tutor, nor is any and every tutor suited to all students. In order for a tutor to help, they need to have a rapport with that particular pupil.

The focus needs to be on teaching tools and strategies for learning, rather than just knowledge. Helping a pupil with their homework, without helping them with long term understanding and learning is worthless.

Tutoring needs to be regular in order to maintain momentum, focusing on the individual. Group tutoring is of less benefit, though it may at first seem like a good way to reduce the cost of a private tutor.

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