What is Blutick?

Blutick is a next-generation AI-powered Maths teaching platform. Students are able to enter their working to mathematical problems line by line and get intelligent feedback as they go, with practical help when they make mistakes.

The multiple teacher personalities make learning fun and supportive, building confidence as well as understanding.

Blutick supports students as they work through problems

How do I try Blutick?

Blutick is currently in private beta, and covers around a third of the GCSE Maths syllabus. To see which topics are covered in the beta, go to blutick.com/blutick/#topics.

To try out Blutick now, go to blutick.com/demo.

Try making deliberate mistakes to see how the teacher responds, and also make sure to checkout the hints, and click on the teacher to chat with them.

Each lesson has three levels, and for the quiz students need to get 2 questions correct from each level to complete the topic.

Even in complex expressions, Blutick can identify a range of common errors

How do I use Blutick with a class?

Creating and managing a class is ridiculously easy in Blutick.

First, click here to change your account type to teacher and enter your teacher name (you probably want to use your title as your first name). You can add a photo here as well (DOB/country are optional).

Then click ‘Your Classes‘ and enter the details for your class.

Once that’s done you’ll be able to give the class URL (eg. btick.me/DCWO) to your students to allow them to join your class.

1. Set up your teacher profile
2. Create your class
3. Share the class link with your students

How do I set and review tasks?

You can set a task with two clicks. Just visit the task you want to set, click the pen icon in the top right, add any details you want and then click 

Students will automatically be emailed the task details.

Under ‘Your Tasks‘ you can see the tasks you have created and their completion rates, and send reminders.

The task summary for each task gives you detailed feedback on the students’ performance.

Under Your Classes you can also view a mark book for each of your classes.

1. On the lesson page, click the pencil to create a task
2. Click Your Tasks to view and manage your tasks
3. View the Task Summary for each task

That’s not all folks!

Blutick is planned for release September 2019. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, email us on info@blutick.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

— The Blutick Team

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