Higher Mathematics GCSE Topics

Higher Mathematics GCSE Topics

Regular users will have noticed another new feature on Blutick this month.

You can now see which topics are exclusively on the Higher Mathematics GCSE. When you select a question, a small “H” will be displayed next to the levels which are Higher topics.

GCSE Higher Maths Topics - Blutick Maths Online

For some questions, only one or two of the levels will be Higher topics. For example, in Expand and Simplify II the first two levels focus on expanding and simplifying two (linear) brackets, whereas Level 3 moves on to using three brackets (a Higher only topic). 

In other questions, you’ll find all the levels are only on the Higher GCSE paper. For these questions, there will be an “H” beside each level heading.

Higher Maths GCSE Questions - Blutick Maths Online

We hope this new feature will help you identify appropriate questions for you/your students to study.

In particular this could be useful for students revising over the holidays or using Blutick for self-directed study. It’s an easy, quick way to identify which topics are on which exam paper, helping you develop Maths With Confidence.