How To View What My Students are Doing

How To View What My Students are Doing

With Blutick you can view up-to-the-second summaries of what your students are doing, which is great for monitoring a whole class at once.

1. Click ‘Your Classes‘ from the user drop down menu.

View Maths Class Activity - Blutick Maths Online

2. Click the yellow ‘Recent Activity’ button next to your chosen class.

View Activity Live Classroom Online  - Blutick Online Maths

3. You will then see the recent activity for that class. The page will automatically refresh every 10 seconds, and you can click the ‘eye’ icon for a full summary of that student’s working.

Live Class Dashboard View - Blutick Online Maths

4. Click “View” in the “Full Working” column to see all of that student’s working and the feedback given by the AI teacher.

Full view of student working showing AI teacher feedback - Blutick Maths Online