How To Add a New Student to a Class

How To Add a New Student to a Class

Whilst it is easiest to upload an entire class-list together (following the instructions here), you may also sometimes need to add a single student into a class.

You can now do this easily from ‘Your Classes’.

Add a Student to an Existing Class - Blutick Maths Online

In the ‘Number of Students’ column, you will see a blue ‘Add Student’ button for each class.

Click the button and fill in the information for the student on the pop-up screen.

Click the ‘Add Student’ button again, and your student will be added to your class.

Add a Single Student To a Class - Blutick Maths Online

Please remind the student that they should change their password on first login.

They might also like to take a look at the students’ getting started guide to help them make the most of Blutick from first use.