How To Create a Course for My Class

How To Create a Course for My Class

You can now create a course for your class(es) in Blutick! Courses allow you to order and schedule a full term (or even year!) of work for your students, and tasks will be created automatically.

Creating a Course

To create a course for your class, go to Create A Course.

Create a Course page

Decide on a name for your course and choose a course template.

The course templates give suggested topics for each year group, which you can see by clicking on the preview button.

How Do I Create A Course For My Class - List of Maths Topics

 Click the green “Create Course” button to create your course!

Manage Course page

Select the appropriate class(es).  Set the “Course is Live” toggle to “on” to allow your class to access the course.

If you would like to specify dates for your course, set the Scheduled Course toggle to “On’” and tailor the course to your class.

Enter the start date for when you’d like the course to begin. Then choose which days of the week you’d like tasks set and check/uncheck the “send email to students” box as required.

Manage Couse page showing scheduling options

Customise your Course Content

Scroll further down the page to customise the course to your requirements.

The planned tasks are displayed in blue boxes with the date in the top left corner.

Click on “Preview” to open the task in a new window.

Create A Course For My Maths Students - Drag to Reorder Topics

Drag the blue boxes to reorder topics, and use the + buttons to add extra topics, or add gaps, eg. for holidays or school trips.

Create A Course For My Maths Class - Add a gap in the schedule

Once you have arranged the course as you would like, remember to click the green “Update Course” button at the bottom of the page.

You can save the course template that you’ve created to use with other classes and to share with other teachers in your school by clicking the green “Create Course Template” button at the top of the page.

Choose a course name, and click “Create Template”. 

Create A Course For My Maths Class - Save or share your course as a template

You can edit and/or delete your courses on the Manage Courses page. 

Create A Course For My Maths Class - Manage Existing Courses

All tasks that are set via your Course will be displayed in Your Tasks, and you will receive Task Summary emails when each task reaches its deadline.