How To Reset a Student’s Progress

How To Reset a Student’s Progress

When starting a new school year, you might want to reset your students’ progress so that your Mark Book only shows what they have done this year. You can do this easily on Blutick.

1. Click ‘Your Classes‘ from the user drop down menu.

Reset a Student's Progress - Blutick Online Maths

2. Click the blue ‘Manage’ button next to the class the student is in.

Reset a Maths Students Progress - Blutick Online Maths

3. Click the ‘Manage Students’ tab

Reset a Maths Class Progress - Blutick Online Maths

4. Select the Clear Progress checkbox for the student(s) you want to reset, or use the Select All option. You will be given a prompt to confirm you want to clear their progress. Clearing progress is permanent so do be careful!

Reset a Maths Student's Progress at the Start of a Year - Blutick Online Maths