How To Pass GCSE Maths Our Top Tips

How To Pass GCSE Maths Our Top Tips

Passing GCSE maths will provide a good base for a wide variety of careers as well as being helpful in so many other areas of life.

While many consider maths to be a difficult subject, with the right teaching and preparation it can be one of the easier subjects to do well in, as it’s not based on the subjective opinion of an examiner like some other subjects are.

So how do you pass GCSE maths? Here are some tips to give you the best possible chance of doing well in your exams.

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Because maths builds on previous learning, don’t wait until your exams are on the horizon before you ensure you understand each topic. Putting some effort in throughout the time you are studying GCSE maths will help you to build a good foundation of understanding which will make revising for the final exams much easier.

If you find you are struggling to keep up in class or with your homework, make sure you let your teacher or parents know.

The longer you leave it the harder it will be to catch up, and your teachers are there to make sure you are prepared for your GCSEs so don’t be afraid to ask for more help if you need it.

Supplementing with an online maths tutoring programme like Blutick can also help you to work on the areas that you’re struggling with as you go along. The AI system provides you with real time feedback as you are working, so as well as correcting mistakes as you go along you can also find out if there is an easier or better way of doing a specific calculation.

Practise with Past Maths GCSE Papers

Doing past papers can be invaluable in preparing for your GCSE maths exams. As well as giving you practice in doing maths calculations, it will also help you to become more familiar with how questions are phrased.

You’ll realise where your weak spots are in terms of understanding the questions as well as where your knowledge is lacking in terms of the curriculum itself.

Becoming more familiar with tackling exam papers will also make you less nervous when it comes to the real thing, as you’ll be more used to just getting stuck in.

Have a Plan

You will always benefit from having a proper revision strategy in place. Take a look at everything that is included in the maths curriculum and map out a plan that gives you enough time to go through each topic before for the exam.

Allow time for revising the topics, learning any theory you need and practising with past papers. If it helps you to stay motivated, you could also include rewards for each time you finish a section.

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of your GCSE maths exams. By putting these tips into practice you may find that passing GCSE maths is much easier than you first thought!