In Depth: Using your Mark Book

In Depth: Using your Mark Book

So, you’re viewing your Class Mark Book using this guide, and now you’re wondering what it all means!

Blutick uses Mark Books and Task Summaries to allow you to easily keep track of the tasks you have set and work that your students are doing.

The Mark Book enables you to look at all the tasks for a particular class, and Task Summary pages provide a detailed breakdown of work for one task.

Let’s start with the first of these — the class Mark Book. This has the names of students down the side, and all the topics that they have attempted across the top – you may need to scroll sideways to see them all!

Any task that has been set by a teacher or parent/tutor will be marked with a “T”. A topic appearing without a “T” has been attempted by the student independently.

If you only want to view set tasks, use the grey button “show tasks only”. Having done that, the button will switch to “all work”, which you can use to restore the view as before.

Teacher Mark Book for Maths Class and Students - Blutick Maths Online

You will probably see several empty (black) boxes. These either indicate that the student has not been set that task, or that they are yet to complete it.

If a black box has a number inside it, that indicates that although a student has completed some of the “Try It Yourself” questions, they have not yet submitted the quiz for that task.

The coloured boxes contain the Smartscore that each student has achieved for that task. For details on the Smartscore, see our support document What Is the Blutick Smartscore.

Blutick uses Mark Books and Task Summaries to allow you to view data. Click here to read more about the Task Summary.