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Admin Capabilities: Management and Communication

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If you are an admin for your school, you can add, remove, and view the teachers currently in your school, assign admin rights, and set communication preferences.

If your school has not yet created a “Blutick School”, you can find out how to do so in this guide.


Viewing teachers and assigning admin rights

Use the sidebar to go to “School” → “Manage Admins”. Here you can see a full list of teachers currently a member of your School.

Use the check boxes to assign admin capabilities as appropriate, and click the green “Update Admins” button when finished.

Manage Admins page indicating "Update Admins" button - Blutick Maths Online

To remove a teacher from your School, first follow the steps above and remove Admin rights if necessary.

Ensure that no classes are assigned to the teacher. Then use the sidebar to go to “School” → “Manage Teachers”.

Use the checkboxes to select teachers to remove, and click “Submit” when finished.

Manage Teachers page remove teacher - Blutick Maths Online


Enabling/disabling the school code

For schools added by Blutick the default setting for the “join school” code is “disabled”.

For schools created by a user, the default is “enabled”.

School Admins can enable and disable the code by going to Account Your School and clicking “enable” or “disable” as appropriate.

When the code is disabled teachers cannot join the school even if they have the code.

Your school page indicating "disable join school code" button

Enable Join School Code Button - Blutick Maths Online

Click here to find out more about adding new teachers to your Blutick School.

Setting communication preferences

Use the sidebar to go to “School Options”.

Use the check boxes to set custom options for various Blutick features for the teachers/students in your school.

Click the blue “Update Options” button when finished.

School Options page indicating "Update Options" button

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