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Delivering an Exam Using Video Conference Software

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Use the Exams feature for GCSE Mock Exams and revision, end of topic/year exams or even school entrance exams. Setting a past exam paper can help you to test how well your students’ revision is going and get their minds in gear for formal examinations.

This article shows you how to combine video conferencing with Blutick Exams to deliver a live invigilated mock exam from a distance.

Set and schedule a Blutick exam for your students

First, go to Manage Tests and Exams to set an exam for your class. Use the scheduling function to choose a date that suits you. Click here to find out more about how to set exams.

Create a GCSE Mock Exam - Blutick Maths Online

Get your meeting started

Next, use your preferred video conference software (Zoom, MS Teams, etc) to schedule a meeting with your students. Make sure everyone is present and with their audio switched off to maintain exam conditions as much as possible.

Make sure everyone is on Blutick

Now everything is ready, students access their Blutick Exam from the Home page. Click here for a student guide to Blutick Exams.

Complete Exam GCSE Maths Mock Exam - Blutick Maths Online

Start the exam

Your students now work through the exam on Blutick while you invigilate via the video conference.

How to view in-progress exams

Use the Recent Activity page to see what students are doing on their exams in real time. From your Home page or Your Classes, click the yellow Recent Activity button for the relevant class.

Your Classes Recent Activity Button - Blutick Maths Online

The Class Dashboard displays the question number for any exams or tests, and the time since the last activity. It updates automatically, so you can see students progressing through the exam in real time.

Click “View” next to any student to see their full working on the exam.

Class Dashboard indicating "View" full working option

You can see the marks awarded by the automatic marking feature – but please don’t try to make changes to marks until after the student has submitted the exam!

Student Working page (teacher view) showing exam results with automatic marks

Is this foolproof?

Sadly not. However, using video conference software may help your students to feel something of the nature of a formal examination, helping them to prepare for in-person formal exams. Exams from a distance will always require a certain level of trust that examinees are not deceiving the examiner.

After the exam

Blutick exams are automatically marked. As with any exam mark moderation, a teacher should check through the marks to make sure that valid answers haven’t slipped through the net.

Click here to find out more about how to view exam results and update the marking.

With their results, students see a list of recommended topics. They can easily convert these into a Blutick Course to work to improve their marks.

Student Working page (student view) indicating Recommended Topics

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