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How To Email Feedback to a Student via Blutick

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When you’re checking your students’ work, you may want to send them an email to guide, encourage or praise them. Blutick can help streamline this process with a click of a button.

Navigate to the full working page for the student and task that you are interested in. Go to Your Tasks from the left-hand sidebar or the user drop down menu.

Click the green “View Task Summary” button for the relevant task.

Tasks page indicating View Task Summary button


Then click on the “eye” symbol to go to the full working for the appropriate student.

Task summary indicating eye icon

Click the green “Contact Student” button to generate an email using your email client.

Student working indicating Contact Student button

A form email will be generated with details of the task you are looking at, which you can then edit as you wish.

Generated form email to student including details of the task in question

If you wish to give feedback to several students at once, click here to find out how.

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