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How To Give Feedback to Several Students at Once

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You can send feedback emails quickly and easily to multiple students from a Task Summary page.

First, ensure you have valid email addresses for your students. This feature will not work for students who do not have email addresses attached to their Blutick account.

Check the boxes on the right hand side of the Task Summary table for the students you wish to contact.

How To Email Multiple Students at one Time, Send Message Button - Blutick Maths Online

Then click the “Send Message” button.

A popup message will appear. Enter your message to congratulate them or give them constructive feedback. Then press “Send”

How To Email Multiple Students at one Time, Popup Feedback Form - Blutick Maths Online

Your message will be emailed to your selected students! The email will also contain a link to the task, and another link where they can view their working.

For more information on communicating with students via Blutick, click here for our guide to emailing students, and click here for our guide on how students can contact their class teacher through Blutick.

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