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How To View What Students Are Seeing

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Sometimes you may find it useful to log in as one of your students, so you can troubleshoot issues such as checking that they are receiving tasks or are in the correct class.

For security reasons, this is a feature available to teachers with Admin rights. To find out about other Admin capabilities, read this article.

Go to Your Classes, and click “Manage Students” for the appropriate class.

Your Classes indicating Manage Students option

Click the blue “sign in as student” button for the appropriate student.

A popup message will ask you to confirm this action.

How To View What My Students Are Seeing Sign in as Student - Blutick Maths Online

You can now view Blutick as if you were that student.

When you have finished, click “return” at the top of the page to return to your own account.

How To View What My Students Are Seeing Banner Login Status - Blutick Maths Online


What about data protection?

When using this feature teachers cannot see the Account Profile belonging to the student. Email addresses, passwords, date of birth, and other personal information as laid out by GDPR and Blutick’s stringent Privacy Policy are only accessible by the account holder.

If a teacher uses this feature, it does not affect the student’s use of Blutick. Students are not alerted that teachers are viewing Blutick as a student account.

When logged in as a student you can answer questions and quizzes as if you were them, however these actions will not be saved or recorded in your mark book or the student’s “Your Progress” page.

Logging in as a student also disables the “send email to my teacher” feature.

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