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How to Add a New Student to a Class

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This guide shows you how to add a single student to Blutick and to your class. Only teachers who are members of a Blutick School and have a verified email address can add students to classes. Click here to find out how to join a Blutick School.

For other guides to adding students, follow these links:

Click here to find a guide to adding a whole school of new students and classes to Blutick.

Click here to find a guide to adding a group of students to Blutick and your class.

How to create a Blutick profile for new students and add them to your class

Open Your Classes from the user drop down menu, sidebar, or button. Click the “More” button next to the relevant class.

Your Classes indicating More button

Select ‘Add Student’ from the menu.

Your Classes indicating Add Student option in menu

Fill in the information for the student on the pop-up screen. Click “Add Student” to create a profile for your student and add them to your class.

Add Student popup form


Please remind the student that they should change their password on first login. They might also like to take a look at our getting started guide for students to help them make the most of Blutick from first use.

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