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How To Add Students to a Class

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This guide shows you how to add a group of students to Blutick and to your class. Only teachers who are members of a Blutick School and have a verified email address can add students to classes. Click here to find out how to join a Blutick School.

For other guides to adding students, follow these links:

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Click here to find a guide to adding a single student to Blutick and your class.

How to create a Blutick profile for new students and add them to your class

First, click Your Classes from the user drop down menu, sidebar, or button.

Then click the blue “More” button next to the relevant class.

Your Classes indicating "More" button

Upload a whole class list (with or without email addresses) by selecting “Upload Student List (CSV)”. To add individual students use the “Add Student” option.

Your Classes indicating "Upload Student List" and "Add Student" options

Enter the information for your class into this spreadsheet, Each row should have the first name and last name of the student. The third column can have an email address if the student has one, or if left blank a username will be generated for them. Now click the green “Upload” button to create Blutick profiles for the students, and add them to your class.

Your Classes showing "Upload a Class List" popup and indicating "Upload" button

To retrieve the login details for the students in your class, select “Download Login Details” from the “More” menu.

How to add students to your class if they are already Blutick users

You can give students who are already Blutick users a unique link to join your class.

When classes are created the class link is disabled by default, so you will need to enable it for your students to join this way.

Use the “More” menu and select “Join Class Link/Class Code”.

Your Classes indicating "Join Class Link" option in "More" menu

Click “Create Join Class Link” on the popup message, and confirm.

Join Class Link popup showing Create Class Link button

Copy the link or simply give the 4/5 letter code to your students.

Join Class Link popup showing class code details

Students should click the link to be taken through the process of joining the class. Alternatively, they can enter the code under the “Join A Class” tab on their Your Classes page.

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