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How To Create a Course for My Learner

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Courses allow you to order and schedule a month, full term (or even year!) of work for your learners, and tasks will be created automatically.

Courses are ideal for tutors planning schemes of work, or families supporting learning at home.

Creating the Course

To create a course for your learner(s), use the sidebar to go to Create A Course.

Create A Course page

Decide on a name for your course and choose a course template.

The course templates give suggested topics for each year group; click on the preview button to see them.

Year 11 Course template preview

Click the green “Create Course” button to create your course!

If you have chosen the wrong template, don’t panic! You can change it on the next page if you need to.

Manage Course page

Editing the Course

Toggle “Course is Live” to “On” to make the course visible to your selected learner(s).

To tailor the dates to your learner(s), toggle Scheduled Course to “On”. Enter the start date for when you’d like the course to begin and choose which days of the week you’d like tasks set.

Manage Course page showing live and scheduled toggles

Add learners to the course by checking the boxes on the dropdown menu.

Manage course page indicating "Course learner" dropdown menu

The planned tasks are displayed in blue boxes. If you have specified a scheduled course, the date for each task is displayed in the top left corner.

Note: the date shown on each box is the start date for that topic, and the day on which that task should be completed. The end date for any topic is the following day.

Click on “Preview” to open the task in a new window.

How To Create A Maths Course For My Child Course Content Topics - Blutick Maths Online

Customise the course to your requirements – drag the blue boxes to reorder topics, and use the + buttons to add extra topics or add gaps, e.g. for holidays.

If you use the search function to add new topics, you will see that topics not yet part of your Course are highlighted in bold.

How To Create A Maths Course For My Child Insert Topic Popup - Blutick Maths Online

If you wish to select particular levels within any topic, use the dropdown menu for the relevant topic.

How To Create A Maths Course For My Child Select Topic Levels - Blutick Maths Online

Once you have arranged the course as you would like, remember to click the green “Update Course” button at the bottom of the page!

Click here to find out more about customising course templates.

Managing Your Courses

You can edit and/or delete your courses on the Manage Courses page.

Manage Courses page showing action buttons

All tasks that are set via your Course will be displayed in Your Tasks, and you will receive Task Summary emails when each task reaches its deadline.

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