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How To Export Data From SIMS to Blutick

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For customers with Blutick Professional, we can import your data from a range of MIS platforms, including SIMS. In this article we explain how to export the data from SIMS to send to us.

Blutick only need class names, student/teacher names, and email addresses. Any other data sent to us will be stripped out and deleted. The precise format of your data is not important – as long as it contains the information we need we can process it.

Exporting Blutick Data From SIMS

In SIMS select

  • Reports
  • Student List
  • Class List

Double click ‘Classes of years’ to open a window, select required classes and click OK

A list will appear of ALL classes — click OK

On right hand side of the new window under Select Data Area, using the drop down arrow change ‘Standard’ to ‘Academic’ in the top box.

In the second box where it says Curriculum, using the drop down select ‘Subject Classes’ – a list of all subjects will appear

Drag and Drop ‘Maths’ to the next available column of your open report (it will do this for all subsequent pages)

On the right hand side again in the top box (using the drop down) change ‘Academic’ back to ‘Standard’

Next, in the box below where it says ‘Basic Details’ use the drop down to select ‘Additional information’

From that list Drag and Drop ‘email address’ to the next available column

Next to delete any unwanted columns (such as DOB) right click on the column heading and select ‘remove column’

Click ‘Export’

Click ‘All Selected Lists’

Click OK

Select Excel and choose whether to ‘open’ or ‘save to file’

Click OK

Your report will open in Excel with all selected classes in the same document

If the email address has the blocks in brackets, then use the ‘Text to Columns’ function in excel to remove the unwanted section.

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