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How To Move a Student Between Classes

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We know students sometimes move to a different Maths class during the year, so it’s now even easier to do this on Blutick! You’ll need to be a School Admin for your school to do this.

If you don’t currently have this facility on your account, either ask the staff member who is a School Admin to make the changes, or contact us to update your account.

Click on the School Admin button on your home page, or the “Classes & Students” link in the sidebar. Here you can manage all the classes in your school.

Home page indicating School Admin links

Open the “Manage Students” tab.

Admin Panel indicating Manage Students tab

Now scroll or search to find the student you’d like to move groups. You can filter by class to make life easier!

Select the new class from the drop down list of classes next to the student’s name. If you’re moving more than one student, repeat the process for all relevant students.

Admin Panel indicating dropdown menu of classes

Finally, click the “Update Students” button at the bottom of the page to save the information.

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