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How to Set Revision Schedules (For Parents/Tutors)

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Parents and tutors can set revision schedules for their learner(s). This is a handy way to help your learners revise a little every day, with the benefit of immediate, intelligent feedback (as is standard on Blutick).

Go to Manage Learners → Revision Schedules using the sidebar. Then find the relevant learner and toggle the Revision Schedule to “On”.

Now select the start and end dates for the schedule, choose how many tasks you’d like to be set each day (between 1 and 4), and on which days of the week.

Revision Schedules (parent/tutor view) showing checkboxes - Blutick Maths Online

If appropriate, you can enter a motivational reward to encourage your learner. Choose the number of required completed tasks to earn this reward.

Finally click “Update Revision Settings” to confirm the information.

Revision Schedules (parent/tutor view) motivational reward section - Blutick Maths Online

The learner(s) will then be sent a daily email with tasks to complete. These tasks are selected automatically based on their past performance.

If you would like learners to complete particular tasks, set these in the normal way and they will be prioritised in the revision schedule (and set on the date(s) you have chosen).

You will receive a summary email each day showing their progress.

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