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How To Set a Test for Students (For Teachers)

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You can use Blutick to set Tests for your class(es). Use and edit our templates, or create your own.

Once the tests are completed, view the students’ results by learner or by topic, making it easy to see where remedial work is most needed.

How do I create a Test?

Use the sidebar to go to Create A Test, or click the green “Create A Test” button on the Manage Tests & Exams page.

Manage Tests & Exams page indicating Create A Test button

On this page, enter a name for your test and use the drop-down menu to choose a template test.

Templates are available for several year groups and topic areas, and can be added to and edited to suit you.

Create a Test page showing dropdown menu of test templates

Click the green “Create Test” button.

How To Set a Test for My Students Create Test Button - Blutick Maths Online

Use the dropdown menu to choose the class(es) you wish to set the test.

Create a Test page showing dropdown menu to select classes

The toggles allow you to control if the students can attempt the test more than once, and choose to show or hide the Blutick calculator.

Toggle “Test is live” to “On”, and use the Scheduled Test toggle to set a date if you wish. If the Scheduled Test toggle is set to “off”, the test will be visible in your students’ Home page as soon as you have finished creating it.

Scheduled tests also have the option to notify your students by email that a test is due: simply check the box! Please note that this feature requires valid email addresses for your students.

Can I change the questions in my Test?

Test Content shows each question in a blue box. Topic names and levels are displayed: just drag the blue boxes into an order that suits you.

Use the + buttons to add more questions. To remove a question, click the x in the top-right corner of the box.

Question numbers are shown in the top left-hand corner of each box, so it’s easy to see how many there are.

Manage Test page showing question topics in numbered boxes

How To Set a Test for My Students Add Questions Popup - Blutick Maths Online

When you are happy with your question choices and order, click the green “Update Test” button at the bottom of the page.

Manage Test page indicating "Update Test" button

A message appears to confirm the test has been set. Scheduled tests also show the dates you have chosen at this point. See what your students will be set by clicking “Preview Test” here, or from the Manage Tests & Exams page.

Manage Test page showing Test creation message and indicating "preview test" buttons

How do I save a Test to use again?

Save your Tests to use again by clicking the green “Create Test Template” button in the top-right corner of the edit or create test page.

This will allow you – and other teachers in your Blutick School – to set this Test again.

Manage Test page indicating "create test template" button

How To Set a Test for My Students Create Test Template Popup - Blutick Maths Online

How do I manage my Tests?

The Manage Tests & Exams page lists all the Tests you have set. From here you can manage, preview, or delete your Tests, and view the results.

Remember to click on “Update Test” to save any changes!

Manage Tests page showing function buttons

How do I see my students’ results?

From the Manage Tests & Exams page, click the green “View Results” button for the relevant Test. This takes you to a Test Summary page, showing an overview of your students’ work, similar to the Task Summary pages.

Click the green “View By Question” button to switch from viewing the whole class to viewing the overall results of all the questions.

Click “View By Student” to return to the class view.

How To Set a Test for My Students Test Results - Blutick Maths Online

When viewing by student, click on a student’s Smartscore to see an overview of how each question was answered.

How To Set a Test for My Students Test Summary - Blutick Maths Online

Use the “eye” symbol to see the working for a particular student on all questions in the Test.

How To Set a Test for My Students View Student Working - Blutick Maths Online

When viewing by question, click on the “Percentage Correct” box for any question to see an overview of how it was answered by all students.

How To Set a Test for My Students Percentage Correct - Blutick Maths Online

Do all students receive the same questions?

No. Blutick sets each student questions at the required levels on the required topics.

Given the huge number of possible questions on each topic, it is highly unlikely (although theoretically possible) that students will receive the same questions as each other.

The same is true if a student retakes a Test – the questions are unlikely to be exactly the same ones as previously seen.

How do students see their Tests?

Tests are displayed on the Home Page. Students click the green “Complete Test” button to take the test.

How To Set a Test for My Students Your Tests - Blutick Maths Online

When they have finished, students can go to Your Completed Tests to view their Tests. They then click on “View Results” to see their Test Summary.

How To Set a Test for My Students View Test Results - Blutick Maths Online

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