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How to Set Revision Schedules (For Teachers)

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Set revision schedules for your classes on Blutick to help students prepare for exams. This is a handy way to help your students revise a little every day, with the benefit of immediate, intelligent feedback.

Use the sidebar to go to Revision Schedules, listed under “Classes & Students”.

Home page indicating link to Revision Schedules

Find the relevant class(es), toggle the schedule to “on”, and input the start and end dates. Select how many tasks you’d like to be set each day – up to a maximum of 4 – and which days of the week you’d like tasks to be set.

Revision Schedules (teacher view) indicating checkboxes for days of the week

Finally, click “Update Revision Settings” to confirm the information.

Revision Schedules (teacher view) indicating update button

Tasks are selected for each student automatically based on their past performance, and appear on their Home page.

If you would like students to complete particular tasks, set these in the normal way. Tasks set by teachers are prioritised over the revision schedule (see more about this here).

For more information on planning ahead with Blutick, click here to find out about Courses.

Find out how to create personalised Courses based on exam results here.

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