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How to View Your Mark Book

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Blutick gives you many ways to view your students’ progress. The mark book is the overview for a particular class.

Go to Your Classes using the user drop down menu, sidebar, or button. Then click the green ‘View Mark Book’ button next to your chosen class.

Your Classes indicating View Mark Book button

You will now see the mark book for that class.

Mark Book showing class Smartscores for topics attempted


Clicking any mark will expand the column, giving you more details of your students’ performance.

Mark Book indicating expanded column and additional information about the topic

From the mark book you can also:

  1. view the task summary for a particular task,
  2. send task reminders to your students,
  3. view a student’s detailed progress by clicking on their name.

Mark Book indicating features


Click here to find out more about using your Mark Book.

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