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How To View a Student’s Working

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Uniquely, Blutick allows you to view every line of working your students’ have entered, along with the feedback the system has given them. This article shows you how to do so.

Go to Your Classes using the user drop down menu, sidebar, or button. Then click the green “View Mark Book” button for the relevant class.

Your Classes indicating View Mark Book button

In the Mark Book, click the blue ‘i’ icon to view the task summary for the task you are interested in.

View Maths Students Progress - Blutick Online Maths

Then click the ‘eye’ icon for the student whose working you want to see.

See Every Line of Maths Students Answers and Workings - Blutick Maths Online

You will now see every line of working they have entered for that question, along with the feedback from Blutick.

See Your Maths Class Lines of Work and Answers - Blutick Online Maths


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