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How To Delete Your Blutick Account

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This article shows you how to delete your Blutick account. Before you do so you may want to export data about your classes. Find out how to do this here.

How to request the permanent deletion of your account

If you decide to delete your Blutick account, simply send us an email at and we’ll delete your account for you.

When you delete your Blutick account, your profile, classes, and mark books will be permanently removed. Any student, tutor, or teacher accounts associated with your account will remain on the system, but will no longer be linked to your account.


Delete your Blutick account: Blutick AI teacher with speech bubble saying "goodbye"

How to remove teachers or students

Click here to find out how to remove a teacher from a Blutick School

Click here to find out how to remove a student from a class

How to delete a Task

Click here to find out how to delete a Task

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