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How to Get Better Topic Suggestions (for Students)

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The Blutick system automatically suggests maths topics appropriate to the information we have about you.

How does Blutick decide which topics to suggest on my Home page?

Firstly, your Home page always shows any tasks you have been set as a top priority. These may have been set by your teacher, tutor, or parent.

Maths Topics Suggestions - Blutick Maths Online

If you have no incomplete tasks, then your Home page will suggest the next topic in your Revision Schedule.

If you do not have a Revision Schedule, then your Home page will suggest the next topic in your Course.

GCSE Maths Topics - Blutick Maths Online

Finally, if you are not on a Course, your Home page will suggest a topic based on your age.

Click to find out more about Revision Schedules and Courses.


How do I make my suggested topics right for my age?

The default initial topic suggestions are appropriate to the UK curriculum for Year Seven students (aged 11-12). If you are older than this, make sure you enter your date of birth in your profile!

Year 11 Maths Topics - Blutick Maths Online

Add your date of birth so Blutick can suggest topics more appropriate to your age.

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