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How to Set a Revision Schedule (for Students)

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Revision Schedules or Timetables are a great way to help you practise a little bit of Maths every day, prepare for exams, and develop your Maths With Confidence.

Your teacher, tutor, or parent can set up a Revision Schedule on Blutick. This will send you an email every day during the schedule with a short list of tasks to complete. You can even independently set up a Revision Schedule yourself!

How do I set a Revision Schedule for myself?

Go to “Revision Schedule” using the sidebar menu.

How To Set a Maths Revision Timetable For Students - Blutick Maths Online

Switch the toggle to “On”, then set the start and end dates for your revision. Use the dropdown menu to decide how many tasks you’d like each day, up to a maximum of 4, then choose which days you’d like to be given tasks. Finally, click “Update Revision Settings”.

Online Maths Revision Timetable For Students - Blutick Maths Online

Tasks are set for you to complete on each selected day of the Revision Schedule. The tasks are selected automatically based on your past performance, allowing you to practice and improve your maths.

Creating a Maths Revision timetable For Students - Blutick Maths Online

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