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How to Set an Exam on Blutick (Parent/Tutor)

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This article shows you how to set and review an exam paper on Blutick. Setting a past exam paper can help you to test how well your learners’ revision is going and get their minds in gear for formal examinations.

The Exams feature can be used for GCSE Mock Exams and revision, end of topic/year exams or even school entrance exams. All of our exams are based on real past papers set in the UK.

Which exams do you have?

We have multiple GCSE exams available at both Foundation and Higher levels, with more planned! All Blutick exams have automatic marking to the individual examination mark schemes.

Can I make changes to the exam?

Yes! Parents and Tutors can set a date for the exam, allow resits, and change or extend the allotted time. You can also set the calculator to on/off (this is automatically set as appropriate to the selected exam, but can be changed if desired).

The exam questions cannot be altered; however you can toggle whether values are randomised or not – when switched on this will generate random values for the numbers in most questions, so each learner will receive different questions.

How to set an exam on Blutick

First, use the sidebar to go to “Manage Tests and Exams” and select “Create an Exam”. Then enter a name for your exam and select an exam from the dropdown list. Click the green “Create Exam” button.

Create a GCSE Maths Mock Exam - Blutick Maths Online

On the Manage Exam page, select which learner(s) you wish to take the exam using the dropdown list. Use the toggles to tailor the exam to your requirements. Finally, click the green “Update Exam” button to set the exam.

Update a GCSE Maths Mock Exam - Blutick Maths Online

You can now preview the exam if you wish – click the link in the confirmation message, or the “Preview” button on the Manage Tests and Exams page.

What do my learners need to know before starting a Blutick exam?

Click here for a learner-focussed introduction to Blutick exams.

Learners will benefit from familiarity with the Blutick platform before they start the exam — they should enter answers just like a usual Blutick question. Learners can use the Blutick maths editor keyboard to enter mathematical symbols — click here to find out more about this.

Please note that learners will not get support or feedback from the Blutick AI teacher when answering questions. Blutick exams aim to be as close to exam conditions as possible with an online exam.

How do I view the results?

From the Manage Tests and Exams page, click the green “View Results” button for the relevant Exam. This takes you to an Exam Summary page, where you can see an overview of your learner’s work, similar to the Test Summary pages.

Manage Tests and Exams - Blutick Maths Online

Click the green “View By Question” button to switch to viewing the overall results of all the questions. Click “View By Student” to return to the learner summary.

When viewing by student, click on a learner’s mark to see an overview of how they answered each question.

View Results GCSE Maths Mock Exam - Blutick Maths Online

Use the “eye” symbol to see a learner’s working. This will allow you to see the working for a particular learner on all questions in the exam.

Tutors and parents can moderate the marking – use the checkboxes as appropriate to award/remove marks if you feel the automatic marking hasn’t got it quite right.

View Student Workings GCSE Maths Mock Exam - Blutick Maths Online

When viewing by question, you can see the marks achieved by your learners alongside the maximum mark for each question.

Exam Summary page showing view of marks for all questions

How do learners see their exams and results?

Exams are displayed on the Home Page. Learners click the green “Complete Exam” button to take the exam.

Home page (learner view) showing exams set

When they have finished, learners can go to “Your Completed Exams” to view their exams. Then they can click on “View Results” to see their Exam Summary.

Exam Summary GCSE Maths Mock Exam - Blutick Maths Online

Help learners improve with customised courses

Blutick produces recommended topics for learners based on each exam performance. This easily converts into a course of work to allow them to target their weakest areas and build up their knowledge. Learners just click the button to create a personalised Course.

On the full working page, learners click “View Recommended Topics”.

Recommended Catch Up Topics for GCSE Maths Exam - Blutick Maths Online

To create a Course, click the green button.

Recommended Catch Up Courses for GCSE Maths Exam - Blutick Maths Online

Click here for more information on Courses.

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