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How to Use Writing Maths to Enter Your Working

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The Writing Maths feature converts your handwritten working into text. This article shows you how you can use Writing Maths to enter your working into Blutick questions. This is most effective when using a touchscreen device and stylus.

When answering practice questions, quizzes, or exams, click the pencil icon beside the soft keyboard panel.

Question indicating pencil icon for handwriting working

Now write your working in the box. Use the buttons to correct any mistakes, and press “send” when you’ve finished.

Handwriting feature indicating action buttons

Writing Maths translates your handwriting into text. Now click “next step” as usual to enter your working.

If you enter your working and then realise you’ve made an error, you can delete your answer by using the backspace or delete keys. Then try again, either using Writing Maths or your keyboard.

Question showing translation of handwritten working into text box

That’s it! You can use Writing Maths to enter working for all sorts of maths questions, and at any step of a question.

Question showing handwritten fractions and multiple steps of working

For steps of questions that have two parts (such as Using The Sine Ratio), enter the two sides of working separately:

Question showing handwriting feature used for both sides of an answer

Click here for more information on how to enter your working

Click here for more information on how to complete Blutick exams

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