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How to View What Learners are Doing

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This article show you how to use Blutick to view summaries of what your learners are doing, in real time. This is great for remote learning or monitoring several learners at once.

Go to Your Learners using the user drop down menu, sidebar, or button. Then use the the red “More” button to open the menu and click on “Recent Activity”.

Your Learners page indicating "Recent Activity" option in the "More" menu

Now you can see recent work from your chosen learner. The page automatically updates every 10 seconds.

Learner Recent Activity page showing AI feedback

All your learner’s working is visible, along with the feedback given to them by the AI teacher.

Learner Recent Activity page showing AI feedback

Why not follow up by using the “Contact Student” button to communicate with your learner? Find out more about contacting learners here.

To find out how to view all work completed by your learner, click here.

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