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With Blutick you can use Tasks to set work for your students. This article will guide you through the key features of tasks and how you can use them.

Homepage indicating Your Tasks button


What is a task?

Students and teachers can view and attempt any of the topics as they wish. Tasks are topics that teachers have set as required work for their students. Any topic can be set as a task for a class or an individual.


Setting tasks

The Getting Started guide takes you through the basics of creating tasks for your classes. For a more detailed guide, click here.

If you’re a parent/tutor you can also set tasks for individual students, as outlined in this guide.


Using tasks

This guide shows you how students can view their tasks. The quiz section of the task requires the student to achieve six correct answers before it is marked as complete. If the task has been set to include all three levels of difficulty, then the six required correct answers will include two at each level.


Students may find it helpful to read this guide on how to input their working – there are some handy features to make life easier!

Your Tasks - student view of incomplete tasks


Reviewing tasks

See the tasks you have created and their completion rates under Your Tasks. Encourage students who are yet to complete the task by using the yellow “send reminder” button.

Your Tasks - teacher view of recent tasks set

The task summary page for each task gives you detailed feedback on the students’ performance. Click here to find out more about task summaries and how to use them.

Task Summary Teacher Marking Tool - Blutick Maths Online

Task Summaries and Class Mark Books use the unique Blutick Smartscore system to help teachers and parents/tutors identify how much support students have needed in answering questions and whether they have a firm grasp of the concepts covered.

Hover your mouse pointer over the Smartscore to see the date it was achieved. Please note that the displayed Smartscore for any given topic is always the most recent one attained, not the highest-scoring. Find out more about the Smartscore here.


Changing tasks and deadlines

You set a deadline when you create a task. If you then wish to change aspects of a task – including deadline – you can do so by following the steps in this guide.


Recent Tasks - teacher view - indicating Edit Tasks button

Even if a deadline has passed by, students can still see and complete the task. The task summary page (accessed via the Mark Book) will be updated with late entries.

However, the standard task summary emails to teachers only contain data based on the students who’ve answered on time, as they are sent the morning after the deadline is reached.

Bear in mind Blutick is a UK company and therefore uses the timezones GMT (winter) and GMT+1 (summer). If you and your students are elsewhere in the world it may be helpful to set your deadlines to factor in any significant timezone difference.


Setting tasks in a revision schedule

Use Blutick to set a revision schedule, in which Blutick will select tasks automatically based on students’ previous completed tasks and performance.

Click to find out how teachers, parents/tutors , or students can set a revision schedule.


Setting tasks as a course

Courses allow you to order and schedule a full term (or even year!) of work for your students, and tasks will be created automatically. Ideal for guiding homework, independent learning, or for use in the classroom; you can find out more about creating courses here.


Setting tasks with Admin rights

If you are an admin for your school, you can set tasks and review work completed for any of the classes in your school, even if you are not the class teacher. Find out more here.

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