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In Depth: Using Your Progress and Task Summaries

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Blutick uses Progress Summaries and Task Summaries to help you to keep track of the work that your learners are doing and the tasks you have set.

The Progress Summary enables you to look at all the work completed by a particular learner, while Task Summary pages provide a detailed breakdown of work for all your learners on one set task.

Progress Summary

Here we’ll be looking at data using the Progress Summary page. Starting from your Home page or Your Learners, click on the green Progress Summary button for the relevant learner.

Your Learners page indicating Progress Summary button

At the top of this page are some quick-view information boxes to give you an idea of the learner’s work.

Progress Summary page showing quick-view summary boxes

In the table below there are two columns for the Smartscore. The first of these is the learner’s Smartscore for the topic you are viewing. The second is their average Smartscore across all topics. If the first box is empty, this means that although the learner may have completed some questions on this topic, they have not submitted a Quiz.

Hover your mouse pointer over the Smartscore to see the date it was achieved. Please note that the displayed Smartscore for any given topic is always the most recent one attained, not the highest-scoring.

Progress Summary page showing details of work completed

The following columns provide more detailed information on the topics completed. You can see the number of questions completed at each level, time spent on each aspect of the page, number of hints used, and number of errors made.

Viewing a learner’s working

Finally, you can see the “eye” symbol. Click on this to view the learner’s full working on that topic. The full working page also shows the feedback given by the AI teacher.

Full view of student working showing AI teacher feedback

Task Summary

Now we’ll look at the Task Summary page. Use this to look at an individual task, rather than a single learner. Use the sidebar to go to Your Tasks and click the green “View Task Summary” button for the task you wish to view.

Your Tasks page indicating View Task Summary button

Task Summary pages look similar to Progress Summary pages, but with information on all the learners to whom you have set this task. Just like the Progress Summary, click on the “eye” icon to see any learner’s full working on this task.

Task Summary page showing details of work completed

Click here to find out about how to set tasks for your learners.

Click here to find out how to view your learner’s work in real time.

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