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My child is using Blutick through school – what do I need to know?

Welcome to Blutick! This short guide will give you an idea of how your child and their teacher can use Blutick, and how you can get involved at home too.

What is Blutick?

Blutick is a next-generation AI-powered Maths teaching platform. Students are able to enter their working to mathematical problems line by line and get intelligent feedback as they go, with practical help when they make mistakes.

The Blutick Smartscore is the percentage of questions correctly answered, along with some other influencing factors. Points are lost for skipping questions, using hints and making mistakes; factors that indicate the degree of understanding of a topic.

Students can see their Smartscore developing as they progress through the quiz at the end of a topic.

How does my child use Blutick?

Students use a computer or device to access Blutick – desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, and all mainstream operating systems are supported. They will have a username and password assigned to them by their school.

They log in to, see the Task(s) set by their teacher, and complete the work. If they wish, students can also attempt topics that their teacher has not set. If they make a mistake, the AI teacher will provide constructive feedback.

Students can get help by clicking the “hint” button, asking a question of the AI teacher, or sending a message to their school teacher.

Students find their incomplete Tasks on their Home page or on the Your Tasks page. The number of incomplete Tasks the student has is shown in a red bubble beside both “Your Tasks” on the sidebar and their profile icon.

Your Tasks student view showing list of incomplete tasks

What is a Task?

Tasks are maths topics, split into three levels of increasing complexity. Each Task has an explanatory video and worked example at each level.

Students can attempt as many practice questions as they like, with AI feedback every step of the way.

Try It Yourself question showing student error and AI teacher feedback

Students will need to complete the Quiz to complete the Task. Quizzes are completed when six correct answers have been achieved.

Student completed Quiz page showing details of Quiz taken

Can I use Blutick too?

Absolutely! Go to and register for an account.

You can link your account with your child’s by following the steps outlined here. You will now be able to see their progress and the topics they are attempting, just as if you were looking at their school maths book.

How do I support my child when using Blutick?

Blutick supports students by allowing them to look at the problem in a number of ways. The videos are short and simple, and a good place to start. Click the “CC” button to see subtitles for the videos.

The videos are supported by the worked example – use these to get to grips with the topic, and really look at the step-by-step maths working. 

Students can attempt as many “Try It Yourself” questions as they like – this allows them to develop their confidence before they go on to the Quiz.

Remind your child to show their working – the AI teacher gives feedback on every line of working so it’s easy for students to see where they’re going wrong, or to have confidence that they’re getting things right.

When answering questions, students can use the Blutick Maths Editor to enter mathematical signs and symbols. Find out more about how to use it here.

More information about using Blutick is available on our Getting Started guides and support pages.

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Info Guide For Parents and Families - Blutick Maths Online

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