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What Is the Blutick SmartScore?

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This article provides an overview of the Blutick SmartScore and information given in task summary pages.

Summarised information

At the top of each task summary there are some quick information boxes about the task.

For teachers these values relate to the average across the whole class.

Task summary boxes - teacher view

Parents and tutors can view:

  1. a task summary, which shows the averages across all their learners,
  2. Task summary boxes - parent/tutor view

  3. an individual learner’s progress summary, which shows the averages across the tasks set for that learner.

Individual progress summary boxes - parent/tutor view

Students can look at their Progress Summary. This shows their average across the tasks they’ve completed. 

Individual progress summary boxes - student view

Hover your mouse pointer over the SmartScore in a Task Summary or Mark Book to see the date it was achieved.

Please note that the displayed SmartScore for any topic is always the most recent one attained, not the highest-scoring.

How is the SmartScore calculated?

The Blutick SmartScore indicates the degree of understanding of a topic. The SmartScore is a combination of the percentage of correctly answered questions and other influencing factors. Points are lost for skipping questions, using hints and making mistakes.

Students can see their SmartScore developing as they progress through the quiz at the end of a topic.

Tracking Student Achievement - Blutick Maths Online

When students complete a quiz, they immediately see feedback with their SmartScore, time taken and summary details.

Report On Learning Progress and Achievement - Blutick Maths Online

The unique Blutick Smartscore system helps teachers and parents/tutors identify how much support students have needed and whether they have a firm grasp of the concepts covered.

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