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What to Do if You Can’t See a Student’s Work

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If your students are completing work, but you cannot see that work, it is usually an easily solved problem. Try the following steps to resolve the issue.


The student is missing from the Blutick class

If the student’s name does not appear in the Blutick class list, ask them to join your class.

The student should go to their Classes and Parents page, click the “Join A Class” tab and enter your class code.

Alternatively, teachers can add students directly from the Your Classes page. Use the Add Student button, ensuring you have the email address or username that your student is registered with.

Your Classes indicating "Add Student" option in dropdown menu

The student has more than one Blutick account

Ask the student for a screenshot of the work they have completed. If this doesn’t match up with what you’re seeing, ask them to confirm the email address/username they are logging in with.

Go to Your Classes and click “Download Login Details”. Check that the email address/username for the student matches the one they are logging in with.


Your Classes indicating "Download Login Details" option in dropdown menu


If their email address matches what you expect it to be, let us know and we’ll check it out.

If it doesn’t match what is on your class list, then they have two Blutick accounts. Ask them to log out and sign in with the correct email address. Contact us with both usernames and we will synchronise account progress so your student won’t lose their work.

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