Online Maths Tutoring for 11-16 Year Olds

Online Maths Tutoring for 11-16 Year Olds

Online maths tutoring has become an increasingly useful addition to classroom teaching. Maths teachers and parents are seeing the benefits for pupils aged 11-16 years old.

It builds student understanding, allows for additional practise and increases students’ confidence in maths.

Benefits for Teachers

Using an AI powered maths tutoring system like Blutick frees teachers up from routine teaching and time consuming marking. This enables teachers to spend more time with individual pupils, reducing the challenge in a classroom setting to give personalised support to those pupils who need it.

Blutick’s online maths tutoring system helps spread the load, homework and classwork tasks are easily set and automatically marked.

Detailed feedback on student progress is available, so teachers know what areas or topics to focus on. Blutick provides accurate overviews on which topics students are having difficulty, assisting with targeted teaching and revision schedules.

Online Maths Tutoring Teacher Benefits - Blutick Maths Online

Benefits for Parents

Supporting children with the 11-16 year old maths curriculum can be difficult for parents. Many may struggle with maths themselves or haven’t been exposed to it for a long time.

Online maths tutoring at home provides children with the additional support and practise that they need and enables parents to be involved. Parents can view their child’s progress and see what topics are being taught. All without having an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum themselves.

While face to face tuition is helpful, it isn’t affordable for all parents. Good tuition will often depend on who is available in your area.

Blutick online maths tutoring is cost-effective and provides exceptional learning tools to everyone.

There are also no concerns regarding safety. Learning sessions can conveniently fit around your lifestyle, rather than depending on when a tutor is available.

Online Maths Tutoring for 11-16 Year Olds - Blutick Maths Online

Benefits for Pupils

Online maths tutoring brings the benefits of private tuition to all 11-16 year olds. It helps build their understanding and confidence in a very accessible and engaging way.

Blutick is conveniently available on all devices. The AI system gives pupils immediate intelligent feedback in real-time as they work on each question.

Pupils workings are checked line by line, advice is given, and mistakes are corrected along the way. This leaves pupils with a better understanding of where they may be going wrong or how to improve their approach.

Online Maths Tutoring Benefits for Students - Blutick Maths Online

Blutick covers the entire UK 11-16 year old maths curriculum. The content is created by experienced maths teachers who understand how pupils learn and the best way to support them in that process.

Pupils can personalise the system by choosing their AI teaching characters, the friendly interactive interface has proved extremely popular.

Building maths confidence is key, particularly for students who consider themselves ‘rubbish at maths’. Blutick’s system is a pressure-free environment to practise on weak areas, while receiving useful feedback on progress.

Online Maths Tutoring with Blutick

Blutick equips teachers, parents and students with all the benefits of online maths tutoring at a very reasonable cost.

Combining traditional teaching experience with the latest AI technology, it is an invaluable supplement to classroom teaching. It increases pupils confidence, progress and enjoyment as they take on the maths curriculum.

Why not find out how you could benefit by trying Blutick for free. Sign up and register today.