National Tutoring Programme

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) will provide additional support to schools to help disadvantaged pupils whose education has been most affected by school closures.

Using Blutick to supplement your application will assist you in gaining funding.

Some of the quality criteria for gaining funding include:


  • Monitoring delivery
  • Quality assurance and tracking progress 
  • Evidence of impact


How can Blutick help?


Monitoring delivery

The Blutick mathematics platform gives you access to a real-time dashboard that monitors what individual students have been doing. Used alongside professional tutors, Blutick will supplement the tutors’ ability to educate their students. It will monitor exactly what the tutors are delivering, and when they delivered it, giving tutoring companies a view across all tutors and students.

Quality assurance and tracking progress

Using Blutick’s mathematics platform enables tutoring companies to view what their tutors are delivering. Viewing aggregated data across all tutors gives a view of which tutors are excelling and which aren’t. Reporting on Quality Assurance has never been easier. In a single view, the person responsible for quality assurance can see the exact state of play, making evidence based intervention straightforward and data driven.

Tracking progress of individual students, tutors and the company as a whole can be done in a couple of clicks, saving time and effort in administrative work.

Evidence of impact

Without having regular tests, proving evidence of impact is difficult. Blutick is a game-changer when you need to do this. Students’ progress is tracked in real-time, so you can easily see improvement made individually or across the board. Blutick’s dashboard will enable you to provide data-driven evidence of impact without costly administrative effort.


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