The Blutick Beta Launches On Monday!

The Blutick Beta Launches On Monday!

Exciting news – get ready for free, unrestricted access to Blutick from Monday 4th February. To whet your appetite, here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Blutick.

What makes Blutick different to other online Mathematics platforms?

Four things that make Blutick unique:
  1. Blutick offers intelligent, line by line feedback as students work through problems. No other platform (that we know of) currently does this.
  2. Each topic has three differentiated levels, and each level has a highly focused video (1-3 minutes), meaning that no time is wasted and learning is highly efficient.
  3. Blutick has been created by a successful Mathematics teacher in association with one of the top schools in the UK (The Perse School Cambridge) – it’s truly by teachers, for teachers.
  4. Blutick’s AI teachers come with personalities to suit different learning styles – the students really feel that they are interacting with a real teacher.
Who Is Blutick For?

Blutick is designed for Mathematics students aged 11-16, but can be used with younger and older students. Students can use it independently, or teachers can create classes to set tasks and view students’ progress. Parents can also create accounts and get help to support their children.

Is The Beta Really Free?

Yep. There will be no charges at all until the full version of Blutick launches in September. Beta users will be given plenty of notice of pricing and discounts on the full version of Blutick.

Are there any limits to the beta, and can I share it with others?

The beta gives full access to Blutick – you can create as many classes and student accounts as you wish. It is also completely open, so feel free to share the access link with anyone you like. We want to share Blutick with as many people as possible – the more the merrier!

As always get in touch any time – phone and email details are below. We look forward to hearing from you!