Why is Online Tutoring Effective?

Why is Online Tutoring Effective?

There are several different reasons for choosing to use an online tutor for your child, from helping a struggling pupil to cope, to ensuring a talented pupil excels.

Whether it’s to prepare for exams or to supplement traditional teaching year round, parents are realising that online tutoring can be very effective.

The advantages of online tutoring over face to face tutoring

While face to face tutoring can be effective, online tutoring has several advantages.

Online tutoring is cost effective – e.g. Blutick costs parents less than a monthly Netflix subscription!

It is more flexible, as it is not dependent on a tutor travelling to your home. This makes it convenient, it’s much easier to fit in an online tutoring session, than to schedule a face to face with a tutor.

This is especially helpful for students and parents who have a number of other activities to fit in outside of school.

You have fewer safety concerns with online tutoring, as you are not inviting a stranger into your home to spend time with your child. There is also less of an issue regarding whether they have a good rapport or not.

What makes online tutoring effective?

Online tutoring is a fantastic supplement to traditional teaching, filling the gap when a child is struggling to keep up, or challenging the student more than the teacher is able to in a large class.

Because of the individual attention received in a tutoring session, sessions can be tailored to exactly what the pupil needs at that time. Whether that is help understanding a specific concept or enhancing learning by practising skills and techniques.

AI based online tutoring in particular is a great way to reinforce classroom learning. It is available whenever needed, not just during specific appointments, the student can use it as much or as little as required.

There is no need to wait until the next appointment to get a better understanding of a topic covered in class. The student can practise freely to master the topic before the teacher builds on it further in the next lesson.

Another thing that makes AI based online tutoring effective, is that students generally prefer using technology to interacting face to face with adults. It can be fun and there is less pressure, the student is less likely to worry about feeling stupid.

Blutick as well as teaching concepts, gives line by line feedback so the pupil is immediately aware of any mistakes and learns how to correct them before moving on. This is invaluable in building their maths confidence.

For these reasons, online tutoring is not only as useful as personal tutoring, but may in fact be more effective.